Skill, Experience and History

We are surveyors and land development specialists

Your project receives individual attention from our highly skilled professionals, we take the time to understand you and your requirements, and then we tailor the solutions.

That’s what reduces the risk, helps avoid costly mistakes, and gets the results you want.

McKay Knarston is an Auckland-based land-development consultancy with a national reach. We were established in 1960 and we have a strong network of professional relationships built on respect, service, and getting results.

We work with clients across the land-development spectrum.

We are professionals - our team members include both registered professional surveyors and licensed cadastral surveyors.

We provide personal service - whether it’s a large multi-stage development or a private small-scale project.

Relationships are our priority - you are our business.

It’s who we are.

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We employ skilled and experienced surveyors.
Land development and subdivision creation are our specialty.
Surveying in action.
Whether large or small we have the people and equipment to complete your requirements.