Darryn Wiki - Field Operations Manager

NZCE (Civil)

Darryn is a senior land surveyor with a special interest in topographical surveys and subdivision. Darryn is an experienced all-rounder and has been with McKay Knarston since 1995.

An experienced surveyor of over 20 years and holder of a New Zealand Certificate in Civil Engineering, Darryn leads McKay Knarston’s team of field surveyors.

Providing expert guidance and advice to field teams and playing a crucial role in project planning and execution, Darryn also leads a range of key projects for McKay Knarston’s most valuable clients.

Darryn has a reputation for going the extra mile for his clients and putting their interests first. He takes the same approach with his field team and is well respected by his colleagues for his integrity, respect for others and commitment to getting the job done.


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