Putting your project in its place

Our geospatial professionals help you make better decisions by combining the power of accurate survey data, metadata and other data sets to solve complex problems or generate stunning visualisations.

Using powerful mapping tools, our geospatial experts can put your information or data captured by our survey team, literally on the map to help you gain insights into any number of location-related questions. 

Communication and collaboration is key, and our maps are excellent at communicating big ideas to a wide range of people and professionals.

We help local authorities better-understand their storm water catchments to focus public money on the areas that matter the most.

We help territorial authorities understand climate change forecasts, map hazards and identify at-risk properties, to help them safeguard their communities.

We help major industries identify optimal sites for future developments through the use of geospatial data, including land-use categories, land-ownership information, natural features, contours and planning zones.

We help businesses capture survey-accurate spatial data into their Geographic Information systems (GIS) to help improve the efficiency of their operations and increase profits.

Our geospatial services include

Asset data capture
Data capture for storm water catchment and modelling
Data capture and floor-level surveys for flood-hazard mapping
Data modelling and analysis
Data visualisations and digital maps
Preparation of geodatabases and shape files for importing into your GIS

Geospatial survey is a key tool in land development and subdivision creation.
Residential housing site GIS reporting.
Farmland GIS imaging.