Getting it right - from the start

Our planning team is experienced in regional, district planning and resource consenting processes, regardless of the complexity or size or the project. Our planners are integrated within the design process at all stages.

We are experts at planning early project stages for commercial, industrial and residential developments. Being involved early allows the team and the client to make informed decisions, making the resource consenting process as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Our experience covers sectors and industries ranging from residential housing subdivisions and commercial and retail developments, to community, early childcare, school and tertiary projects.

Planning Services

Assessment of environmental effects

Consultation and communication with the public, stakeholders and iwi

Consultation and communications plans and strategies Environmental planning

Managing consent stakeholders - councils, government agencies, communities

Notices of requirement

Outline plans of work

Resource consent applications

Resource Management Act planning

Expert witness

Urban planning.
The planning team in action.
Residential development planning.