It’s what we do

We’ve built our reputation on surveying. We believe in good service and we’ve built a tradition of excellence.

Our team of experienced Registered Professional Surveyors, Licensed Cadastral  Surveyors, and technicians use state-of-the-art survey techniques, the latest field equipment and integrated software systems to collect accurate data and present it in a way that adds the most value to your project.

We’re passionate about precision and our surveyors take the utmost care to ensure that if we’ve measured it you can rely on it.

Our surveying services include

Site (topographical) surveys
Urban and rural subdivisions
Unit title and strata subdivisions
Cross-lease updates and conversions
Boundary redefinition surveys
Legalisation surveys
Precise monitoring of settlement and lateral displacement
Rentable area surveys (BOMA)
Height and siting certification
Building, construction and civil works setout
Earthwork volumes
As-built surveys
GIS / geospatial data capture
Storm water catchment and modelling surveys
Floor level surveys
Aerial UAV (drone) surveys

We employ skilled and knowledgeable surveyors to provide the best service to our clients.
We use the best surveying equipment and technology for the right situation to ensure the best results from our surveying.
High tech survey equipment in use, on job.